Somerton Smart 270 Easy Height Elongated

Somerton Smart 270 Easy Height Elongated

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  • A modern concept close coupled 1.28/0.8 gpf (4.8/3 lpf), Somerton Smart 270 Easy Height Elongated dual flush washdown toilet installation designed to provide a seat height of between 17” to 19” (430 to 485mm) measured to the top of the toilet seat.
  • The closet bowl has been designed with rough-in of 10” (255mm) to 12” (305mm) provided by plastic offset outlet connector option.
  • The tank incorporates the high performance outlet valve which has been specially developed with the 270 Easy Height Elongated bowl to ensure optimum reliable flushing performance.
  • Due to the substantial water saving benefits achieved by the 1.28/0.8 gpf (4.8/3 lpf) dual flush system, the toilet is suitable for multi-purpose applications where water conservation is important.

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