Uplift Cabinet

Uplift Cabinet

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  • Unique vertically opening, no-swing door allows for zero clearance installations
  • Position hold door-opening mechanism lets you open the door as low or as high as you need
  • 60% recycled aluminum construction
  • Rust-free anodized aluminum construction, no formaldehyde resins
  • 1/4? (6 mm) thick adjustable clear glass shelves S Aluminum handle for effortless two-finger lifting S Interior mirror
  • Electric column with six 1500 watt, 120VAC, 15A power outlets
  • Discreet wiring enclosure for clutter-free cable management
  • Auto-on high power, low wattage LED interior lighting S 4747 cubic inches (77,789 cc) storage capacity with split compartment for maximum flexibility
  • Recessed (frame and handle project 1-7/8?[4.8 cm]), semi-recessed 4? (10.2 cm) in wall (cabinet, frame and handle project 3-7/8? [9.8 cm]), or surface mount (cabinet, frame and handle project 7-5/8? [19.4 cm])
  • Night light in handle provides optimal lighting for nighttime needs
  • Mirror defogger allows mirror use even in a humid environment

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